Getting Lost in Details with Patrick Vale

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Patric Vale

Filling a blank sheet of paper with intricate lines and patterns, getting lost inside the image – what a great feeling that is! I love detailed illustrations, whether it is an abstract piece of art or a complex depiction of reality. To create an artwork that consists of countless lines or patterns requires a lot of time and patience, […]

Graphic Design

Graphic Patterns by Heidi Valkola

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Heidi Valkola

Still looking for Christmas gifts? Maybe I could help you with that. I am going to show you some beautiful home décor product you might be interested in. Artist Heidi Valkola is the designer and maker of these beautiful creations. Her shop started with wooden pieces and expanded with textiles, acrylic jewellery and art prints. Now in […]

Home Decor

Gatherings of Threads by Roanna Wells

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Roanna Wells

Today’s inspiration is very simple, tonal, graphical, minimalistic, black and white… and very impressive! And who would imagine that a single black thread can be used to create such an intricate image. These beautiful embroidered art pieces fade away like shadows. And the author of these thread drawings is a British artist Roanna Wells. One […]