Without Touch – Emily Dundas Oke, 2017 08 17 – 24

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Without Touch By Emily Dundas Oke [CA] August 17th – 24th On the 17th of August, 6pm, we invite you to the presentation of an exhibition by international artist Emily Dundas Oke developed during a Summer Artist Residency at Ideas Block Lt. Through a fascination with the built environment, Emily has developed a number of […]


Mood: Fade Away

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Tatiana Ginsberg

Leaf Shadows by Tatiana Ginsberg. Detail of a dress, hand painted and embroidered by Lisa Smirnova. Textiles pattern from Spring/Summer womenswear collection by Sabine Egler. Embroidery detail by Yumiko Arimoto. Watercolour painting ‘First Snow in the Valley’ by ARco Texture Paintings.

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Energising Creations by Liz Payne

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Liz Payne

I believe that most of us from time to time feel the need to surround ourselves with bright objects. Especially after long winters, during rainy days or just on one of those occasions when we feel the lack of energy. Colours hold a lot of power. And this power can lift up our mood or bring back some […]


Urban Textiles and the Beauty of Nature by Lee Coren

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Lee Coren

Is it Friday once again? How fast the time flies! I haven’t done much this lazy Friday, so I thought I should at least introduce you to another inspiring creator. This time let’s have a look at some gorgeous textiles handmade in Israel by Lee Coren. Lee Coren is a textile designer exploring the possibilities of traditional and […]

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Soothing Abstract Landscapes by Greg Hargreaves

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Greg Hargreaves

It has been a while since our last small talk with an artist. So today I would like to bring it back along with some beautiful abstract landscapes from the US based artist and illustrator Greg Hargreaves. What first got me engaged with the artist’s creations was the composition of his paintings, accompanied by subtle […]


Surreal World by Erik Petrie

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Erik Petrie

This morning I came across a beautiful photograph of Edinburgh, one of the most adorable cities, that has a personal meaning to me. So I felt intrigued by this photograph filled with nostalgic memories about the city. I had to see more. Following the link to where the image was coming from I discovered some […]

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Unrestrained Colours and Structured Patterns by M.K.E.

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Today I would like to introduce you to an emerging textile designer from Greece. Her name is Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou and she started her business with a brand name M.K.E just over a year ago after finishing her studies in textiles. M.K.E. designs are a beautiful combination of architectural shapes and abstract watercolour marks that […]

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A Subtle and Dreamlike Journey with Clare Elsaesser

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Clare Elsaesser

Today I invite you to a subtle, slightly dreamlike journey with an artist Clare Elsaesser and her paintings ranging from abstract to figurative. I discovered Clare’s art through Etsy, where I first saw a slightly blurred portrait of a girl hiding her face behind a bunch of flowers. I liked the idea of flowers covering […]