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You Drink Coffee I Drink Tea My Dear

This morning I saw a post on Ignant about this magical place that is all about teas. As a lover of tea I could not resist the temptation to write about it. The shop is called Paper and Tea and I think I just fell in love with it.

Paper and Tea is a shop based in Charlottenburg, Berlin. They don’t just sell tea, they have a passion for tea. At P&T you can find a wide selection of teas, accessories and paper goods. Furthermore, they hold seminars for those wishing to extend their knowledge and appreciation for contemporary tea culture.

What I like the most about this place is their brand identity. At P&T the harmonious style is inspired by the communication, creativity and culture that comes together with the traditions of tea. The minimalistic style of their shop interior, packaging, website design, product styling and photography all go perfectly together with the colour palette of tea. Even the posters they have are printed using tea pigment. I just love the whole concept.

And now I am going to have a cup of tea myself…

All the Photographs are taken from Paper and Tea website.

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