Urban Textiles and the Beauty of Nature by Lee Coren

Lee Coren

Is it Friday once again? How fast the time flies!

I haven’t done much this lazy Friday, so I thought I should at least introduce you to another inspiring creator. This time let’s have a look at some gorgeous textiles handmade in Israel by Lee Coren.

Lee Coren is a textile designer exploring the possibilities of traditional and modern printing techniques. Her works feature dreamy landscapes, abstract and geometric patterns. Monochromatic tones and pastel shades are dominant in artist’s creations. Lee depicts urban structures and unrestrained beauty of nature. Her landscape prints placed on handbags and clutches might as well take you far away from the busy city life. And who wouldn’t like to escape for a moment to the beauty of nature?

Have a look at Lee Coren’s creations on her website. Also, don’t forget to visit her Etsy shop, Facebook pageInstagram and Pinterest.

All the images used in this post belong to the artist.

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