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Up in the Air Somewhere

Today I would like to bring up some truly dreamlike art pieces. Delicate ceramic and paper maché items come together under a wonderful brand name Up in the Air Somewhere. Chicago-based artist and designer Susan Dwyer is the creator behind the brand. Her ceramic pieces are inspired by industrial architecture with clean simple minimalism. And that beautifully unfolds through the use of pastel tones and fading colours, minimalist shapes and plane simple patterns.

All the items at Up in the Air Somewhere are made without molds or casting, which gives them beautiful quirky imperfections. And I think that’s great, especially for those looking for something exceptional, one of a kind.

To find your unique gift from Up in the Air Somewhere please visit the website or Etsy shop. Also, for updates, check the artist’s blog and Twitter.

All the images used in this post belong to Up in the Air Somewhere.

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