Unique Fibre Jewellery by Gamma Folk

Gamma Folk

Have you ever wondered where to find some unique fibrejewellery? Well I did. Actually, I am always interested in this topic since I work with textiles myself. I believe that a good combination of jewellery and fibre art can create a wonderful relationship between the two worlds. And most likely this type of relationship is going to be unique and successful, just like the one created by a Brooklyn based designer and maker Lily Piyathaisere.

Lily is a founder of her jewellery and accessories brand Gamma Folk. A brand with an intriguing name…here is how the artist explains the meaning behind it:

“Gamma” is a reference to the gamma brainwave frequency, which is one of the five different frequencies our brains are consistently producing. Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm. The Gamma brainwave is the state where we learn, process information and associated with bursts of insight. “Folk” is  a reference to folk art, an inspiration and major theme in my work.

Behind this great name some really beautiful unique products are born. The artist combines traditional techniques, such as natural dyeing, weaving, braiding and ceramics to create unusual modern jewellery pieces and accessories.

Please visit Gamma Folk website to learn more about the artist and her unique creations. You can also follow her FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

All the images used in this post belong to Gamma Folk.

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