Tiro Tiro Jewellery


Today let’s talk about jewellery! Once again I find inspiration in jewellery pieces that combine traditional materials with those that are not so commonly used by jewellers. That is a mix of metals and fibres, nicely coming together in folk – modern shapes. I am talking about beautiful jewellery pieces made by Tiro Tiro.

All the jewellery at Tiro Tiro are designed by Teresa Robinson, Portland based artist and designer. The origins of the brand’s name come from the Latin word ‘tiro’ meaning beginner or novice, which represents the values of the company – the will to explore, improvise and experiment.

Please visit Tiro Tiro website to see the full list of their beautiful jewellery. Also follow them on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

All the images used in this post belong to Tiro Tiro.

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