The Cookery for the Pleasure of Eyes and Necks by Tadam


I would like to share with you something quite different today: a beautiful relationship between modern food culture and jewellery. As food is one of the greatest objects of desire, it is becoming more and more appreciated from the aesthetic point of view. So we not only care about the taste, but also the visual look, texture, and colours of the things we put in our stomachs. And sometimes it even becomes hard to eat one of these beautiful food objects. Exploring this idea of modern food culture, interesting conceptual jewellery was born by a Lithuanian brand called Tadam. The innovative concept represented as ‘the cookery for the pleasure of eyes and necks’.

Tadam takes the aesthetic food designs into the whole new level by preserving them in the pieces of jewellery. With their delicious fashion accessories you could enjoy your favourite doughnuts or chocolate forever… However, you’re not allowed to eat them.

To find out more about this beautiful concept please visit Tadam website. You can also follow their creative inspirations on Pinterest, and see the work in progress on Instagaram. If you wish to purchase one of their beautiful pieces, head over here.

All the images used in this post belong to Tadam.

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