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Textures and Floral Patterns in Dorotea Ceramics

Dorotea Ceramics

Today I have one more inspiring story for you, an interesting interview with a visual artist and ceramicist Carolina Silva, who is originally from Spain, but now based in Seattle. Apart from creating art pieces for exhibitions Carolina also works on her nature inspired ceramics’ line Dorotea. Her ceramics are filled with floral patterns that artist draws by hand. Therefore, each piece is unique with its own character. And not only that, Dorotea ceramics also look very sturdy and well made.

Now go ahead and explore the full collection of Dorotea ceramics and don’t forget to visit artist’s personal website to see her artworks. For more insights into Carolina’s creative processes follow her on Instagram.

And here is the full interview with the artist:

What do we need to know about you?

I live in Seattle, love this region where the woods meet the ocean and its vast nature. It is a rich ground for my work, where I like to challenge boundaries and try new things.

What are your daily inspirations? What motivates you?

Being connected to nature, art and objects with stories. I am motivated by many artists and makers I admire, by people who see possibility more than limitations and follow their visions.

Describe your creative process. What is your favourite part of it?

My ceramics process goes through different phases: hand building and drawing or etching on the surface of each piece, firing, glazing, washing, glazing and firing again. My favorite part is the etching of the patterns on the surface. Drawing the surface by hand instead of using stamps or other ways of imprinting make it exciting and meditative at the same time- a balance of impulse and control that makes it feel very alive. It’s almost like tattooing, only using a needle to draw in clay is more forgiving 😉

How does your work space look like? What do you like about it? What would you change?

My studio is in a old cookie factory. The building is called Salty Dog which talks much of the seafaring history of the neighborhood. I like that it is old, has cracks in the walls and holes in the wood floors, layers of paint. I like that I can smell the sea from it every morning and more than anything the light it gets. I would add a fireplace to it, so its not so chilly to work there in winter.

Describe your typical day.

I normally throw myself into work at whatever point I left it the day before. My studio time is very precious and I am very austere in my commodities, so no distractions. I like working on my own and following my rhythm. Because I work on my own I also have to take care of all the business part: updating the website, shippings, emails…That takes time so I often times go back to the studio to work at night.

Your tips for fresh artists, designers and maker.

Follow your instinct and desire, do not frustrate your creative energy and always listen to your inner voice. Sometimes you need to take risks to follow a dream or a passion so be brave. Also, find a community, be connected to other people who share your interests, passion. We all learn from each other.

All the photographs belong to the artist.

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