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Energising Creations by Liz Payne

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Liz Payne

I believe that most of us from time to time feel the need to surround ourselves with bright objects. Especially after long winters, during rainy days or just on one of those occasions when we feel the lack of energy. Colours hold a lot of power. And this power can lift up our mood or bring back some […]


Modern Textiles with Native American Feel by Alpaca India

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Alpaca India

I am constantly looking for new inspirations and artists, but very often I overlook the creative people around me. It is time to explore the surrounding artistic scene. So today I would like to introduce you to a textile design brand based in Tijuana, Mexico – Alpaca India. Alpaca India is formed by two artists Olivia Arreguin & Leigh […]


Brighten up Your Autumn Days with Tas-ka

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Since it is an autumn time in the Northern hemisphere I thought it would be a good idea to bring some brightness for those experiencing colder days with less sunlight. When dullness creeps in it’s nice to have some playful objects around. A great option would be having one of these beautiful items made by […]


Cheerful Creations by L’atelier des Garçons

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L’atelier des Garçons

Today I came across some cheerful inspiration – ceramics by L’atelier des Garçons. This is a French company formed by two ceramic designers Jean-Marc Fondimare and Éric Hibelot. Their studio is based in a beautiful French countryside not far from Paris. I like the simple name of L’atelier des Garçons as translated from French it […]

Home Decor

Pixels and Threads by Rachel Parker

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Rachel Parker Textiles

If you love colours, patterns and, of course, embroidery then you should stop by and have a look at these exquisite creations by Rachel Parker. Rachel is a textile designer based in the United Kingdom, where she makes beautiful intricate art pieces, designs and products. In her works layers of colours, rhythm and repetition are […]