Handwoven Fibre Jewellery by Lesh

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Lesh Jewellery

Today on the blog we have an opportunity to get an insight into the creative world of a fibre artist and photographer Summer Moore. She creates unique handwoven jewellery pieces in her New York based studio, under the brand name Lesh. Initially Summer’s interest in fibre arts was inspired by antique Andean textiles seen in Peru, later influenced by the […]

Ceramic Designers

Textures and Floral Patterns in Dorotea Ceramics

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Dorotea Ceramics

Today I have one more inspiring story for you, an interesting interview with a visual artist and ceramicist Carolina Silva, who is originally from Spain, but now based in Seattle. Apart from creating art pieces for exhibitions Carolina also works on her nature inspired ceramics’ line Dorotea. Her ceramics are filled with floral patterns that artist draws by hand. Therefore, each […]


Beam by Callen Thompson

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Beam - Callen Thompson

I discovered Callen Thompson’s works through Etsy, where she has an online shop called Beam. It seems like the name of the shop was carefully chosen to represent the whole philosophy behind the artist’s creative process. Probably when one thinks about the word ‘beam’ it is associated with architecture, but not so much with feelings. […]