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Sustainable Minimalist Products by Golden Biscotti

Golden Biscotti

I can never decide what I like more: intricately patterned or plain simple objects.  Items with lots of interesting details and vibrant colours attract attention and brighten up the day and I really like them. However, there is something magical about monochromatic colours and minimalist design… something that keeps me wanting more and more of these types of objects, photographs and art.

Speaking about minimalism, I have a great example for you – a brand based in Switzerland, called Golden Biscotti. The founder of this company, Nicole Lehner, studied product design and later on became interested in local, hand crafted products. That led in establishing her own brand where she closely works with local craftsmen. The idea artist has is to create sustainable products with simple design for everyday use.

So have a look at these beautiful creations and enjoy! Interested in buying one of these amazing products? Please visit Golden Biscotti online shop. You can also find out more about the artist by visiting her website or follow her brand on Facebook and Pinterest.

All the photographs used in this post belong to Golden Biscotti.

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