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Submerge in Water with Kristen Martincic

Kristen Martincic

This time I am interested in communication between body and water. Therefore, I am inviting you to have a look at these art pieces by Kristen Martincic exploring this theme.

Artist draws a thin line between exposure and intimacy, public and private, skin and clothing, inviting everyone to think about a sense of one’s self. Kristen’s art pieces involve sculptures, installations and art prints. All her artworks are based on personal experiences of being underwater and how that changes a sense of space and intimacy. She is also looking at the perceptions that people have related to swim wear and other garments. Kristen makes some really great artworks based on her observations and comparisons. And it is important to read the story behind her art, which you can do by visiting her website.

All the images used here are the property of Kristen Martincic.

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