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Stories of Our Lives by Montse Bernal

Montse Bernal

I love art filled with emotions, exploring what lies beneath and presenting what is hidden to the viewer. Just like these beautiful illustrations by an artist based in Europe, near the Italian Alps, Montse Bernal. Her drawings are very much focused on portraits, used as a tool to rediscover a person and express what lies beneath the surface. There is a beautiful feeling of untold stories of people’s lives among artist’s works.

Montse also explores the botany and zoology, while creating a connection between her portraits and nature. She also adds embroidered textures to her works, in this way giving something unique to each piece.

While selecting my favourite illustrations from the artist’s collection, I got drawn towards the female portraits, which
you can see here… I think they are just wonderful!

You can find more of Montse’s works and various commissions for famous newspapers and magazines by visiting her website.

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