Simplicity and Minimalism by Mirta Jewellery

Mirta Jewellery

If you are one of those people who like their jewellery plain and simple I have some great examples of beautiful minimalist pieces that you might like. These are designs made by Andrea Simic, a jewellery designer with a background in architecture. The artist is based in Zagreb, Croatia, where she started her jewellery line called Mirta.

I know I always look for items with beautiful, intricate patterns, but I am also drawn towards minimalism. To be honest, I just love simplicity and plain colours as to me it is a sign of a great taste, attention to item’s shape and material. That is why I would be happy to wear one of these elegant minimalist pieces from Mirta jewellery collection.

If you are wondering where to purchase these beauties I recommend visiting Mirta’s online shop. To learn more about the designer please visit her website.

All the images used in this post are the property of Andrea Simic.

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