Recycled Plastic Notebook

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Turning plastic waste into new materials, new objects, into new stories.
This is a collaboration between Ideacycle and Replastico2.

Recycled plastic bags when treated with heat become sturdy and long lasting notebook covers, after adding recycled pages and stitching everything together – we get unique notebooks, different every time. When ordering please let us know if you have any particular wishes for the colours, or leave it all to us.


The pages of this notebook use recycled paper, a natural grey tone. They are bound by hand, and the corners are rounded, so they wouldn’t wear off so easily.

Number of pages: 80

These notebooks are available in two sizes: pocket (A6) and standard (A5).

IMPORTANT: All notebooks are custom made using different sheets of plastic, therefore, each one is unique. Be ready for a pleasant surprise!

Ready to ship in 1-5 days.

Everyone who has one of Ideacycle notebooks is invited to share their pages on Instagram with #ideacycle hashtag, contributing to the creation of a community-based cycle of ideas.


From the collection of notebooks “Plastic World” by Ideacycle and Replastico2.

Slowly our lands and oceans are filling up with plastic. It is time to think about this waste as a resource – we have to find ways to reuse what we already have. With this idea in mind more and more people are starting to look for ways to recycle plastic.

A good example of that is Replastico2 – a project that challenges the concept of consumption, trash and trash art, design and beauty, inviting to recycle plastic waste in creative ways, while giving them a second life and social value. Used plastic bags become a new material for making. Replastico2 not only makes fashion accessories, creates art out of this resource, but also organises workshops to showcase the process and share the importance of recycling.

Ideacycle, a project aspiring to create stories and meanings through objects, after seeing the potential of this sturdy material took on the idea of making notebooks with recycled plastic covers. Through this collaboration new unique objects come to life offering you blank pages to create your own stories for more sustainable futures.

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Standard A5, Small A6


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