Photo Print by Alexander Chernavskiy from “Made by X” Collection

20.00 EUR€

“Made by X” collection:

For the 3rd anniversary of ideas Block we launched an open call for international artists to take part in our fundraiser exhibition to raise money for the future development. 

We gathered a collection of nearly 200 pieces from 15 countries, 38 artists from around the world.

The idea was to keep it anonymous, without letting the audience know the authors of each artwork – to create a guessing game for the audience and even things between the artists from all sorts of contexts. All the artworks were made on an A5 size format and priced equally – 20 eur per piece. In this way we were providing an access to affordable art and and opportunity to purchase art solely based on the work itself and not the name of whom may have made it.

Some of the pieces have been sold during the exhibition, and the rest go online for a flat price of 20 euros.

“Black Sun of Leviathan” series by Alexander Chernavskiy – special print issue for Ideas Block

About the artist:

Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Chernavskiy is a Russian artist, his career emerged in the wake of the influence of documentary traditions and contemporary art as the fields of his main interest. He is a magister of sociology (MPSU university). In 2010 he finished his secondary education in MSU (photojournalism), was a student through different international educational programs and workshops of «Fotodepartament» (S-Petersburg), in 2016 – School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» and is working as a freelance photographer and artist since then. He was working with Corbis, Demotix, DAD and TASS news agencies through the recent years. He is the member of Union of Russian Photo Artists since 2009. He was a participant of different festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Belgium. In 2015 and 2016 he was a recipient of the scholarships of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Recent years are closely connected with art documentary projects, including his first photo book «Alpha» in 2015, published by Dostoevsky Publishing in Amsterdam. In 2017 he produced 3 new self-published photo books. His works were published by Privateonline, Sonder review, Snapdragon, Stoneboat, Raven Chronicles, Dodho, The Ocotillo Review in 2017.


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