Eco Friendly Collage Notebook

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Who needs a notebook nowadays?
In this fast world notebooks have lots of replacements, this might also be the time when they might have lost their value amongst a million other notebooks. But this is also the time when we use them for those special occasions, as power objects for our intuitive expressions. And we tend to give meaning to the things we like.

Recycled magazines create new stories to be continued.
Notebook covers are collaged of old magazines and newspapers, reusing whatever is no longer needed, creating unique pieces every time. Different, but not random, connected through the subject of Nature: oneness with nature, natural structures, touching on the issues of ecology, communication and wellbeing.


Cover: leftovers of thick watercolour paper + machine stitched collage combining scraps of old magazines and newspapers.
Pages: blank recycled paper, a natural grey tone. Bound by hand, with rounded corners for the sturdiness.

Number of pages: 80

These notebooks are available in two sizes: small (A6) and medium (A5).

IMPORTANT: All notebooks are custom made using different images and text, therefore, each one is unique. Be ready for a pleasant surprise!

Ready to ship in 1-5 days.

Everyone who has one of Ideacycle notebooks is invited to share their pages on Instagram with #ideacycle hashtag, contributing to the creation of a community-based cycle of ideas.


From the collection of notebooks “Structures of Nature” by Ideacycle

Informed and inspired by nature, this collection of notebooks invites you to notice the details of nature: patterns and structures, how everything relates, connects and interacts. Through the fragments of images and words these notebooks hold messages that create meanings, inviting you to be inspired, research and raise questions, make new meanings.

Custom made eco-friendly notebooks made from recycled materials: machine stitched collage covers are made from discarded magazines and newspapers, filled with blank recycled paper pages.


Ideacycle – stories and meanings through objects

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Standard A5, Small A6


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