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Revealing the Unthinkable by Jetske Visser

I am always fascinated to discover something unusual in terms or art techniques and materials. While wondering around the web looking for inspiration I found some intriguing art pieces by a Dutch artist Jetske Visser. Her work focuses on exploring the unthinkable, something that is there, but most of the time overlooked or forgotten. The artist explores new unusual materials, mastering them to create emotionally and visually strong artworks. Her projects bring up awareness of our surroundings and nature of things.

I find all of Jetske’s art projects really inspiring. However, I would like to get your attention on two particular ideas that are my favourite: Hydro-phobia and Steam Print.

Hydro-phobia explores the reaction between water and oil based pigments, resulting in wonderful fractal patterns appearing on the water surface. These patterns are translated into textiles and ceramic pieces by the artist.

Steam Print project reveals new unexpected ways of using steam in fabric dyeing. Jetske creates patterns where the results are always surprising.

To find out more about the artist and her works please visit her website.

All the images and videos used in this post belong to Jetske Visser.

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