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Pixels and Threads by Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker Textiles


If you love colours, patterns and, of course, embroidery then you should stop by and have a look at these exquisite creations by Rachel Parker.

Rachel is a textile designer based in the United Kingdom, where she makes beautiful intricate art pieces, designs and products. In her works layers of colours, rhythm and repetition are evident and that is what makes them so special. Rachel has a distinct style that combines together digital art and cross stitch embroidery. With pixels and threads, joining small pieces together, Rachel creates a bigger picture. And that picture is great!

This is what the artist says about herself and the creative process:

What do we need to know about you?

I’m a textile designer specialising in print and embroidery. I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2012 and now work from my home in Northamptonshire. I’m a member of Studio Flock, a studio which works with an eclectic mix of recent graduate designers to create beautiful textiles for interiors.


What are your daily inspirations? What motivates you?

I love working on a mix of different projects, be it a repeat print or a piece of artwork. My work ranges from digital printing to hand-stitched originals, which means my day can be very varied. This always helps to keep things fresh and interesting. I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, but I’ll always return to vintage embroidery patterns and art déco design.


Describe your creative process. What is your favourite part of it?

Everything I do starts life as a drawing or a painting. This can then lead to a stitched piece, which in turn is often scanned and re-worked digitally to create a fabric design or an art print. I love stitching onto paper, there’s something very rhythmical and relaxing about it. I hand punch the holes before stitching to create a paper template, there’s always something very calming about that.


How does your work space look like? What do you like about it? What would you change?

I currently work from home in a tiny flat, which obviously has its drawbacks. However, I have everything I need in arms reach! I’d love to work in a bright and airy studio like I did at university – one day, perhaps. It would also be great to be sharing a work space with other artists and designers, there’s nothing like the creative buzz of an art studio.


Describe your typical day.

I tend to get up early and try and blitz through the email/admin stuff which can really interrupt my flow if I’m not careful. Once my desk is clear I’ll usually be switching between stitching/drawing and working with designs on Photoshop. I’m surrounded by to-do lists!


Your tips for fresh artists.

Find your ‘hand-writing’, your signature style that makes your work instantly recognisable. Record what you’re doing, start a blog and find your voice. Be passionate in what you do, always.


To learn more about Rachel Parker and her designs please visit her website. If you would like to buy one of her pieces then you should have a look at her Etsy shop Pixel and Thread where you will find something just for you. And don’t forget to check her work at Flock Design Collective together with some other great designs by various creators.

All the pictures are taken from Rachel Parker website and her Etsy shop.


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