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Intricate Structures by Chaotic Atmospheres

Chaotic Atmospheres - Flowing Cities

This time I would like to share with you some interesting digital art pieces. It comes from a 3D artist Istvan, known as Chaotic Atmospheres. The artist experiments with various software to create unique pieces.

My personal favourites are ‘Flowing City Map’ and ‘Eroded leaves’ projects. These projects touch the topics that I am very interested in: Urban and natural structures, patterns of cities and nature.

The first series of images explores identities of cities and their inhabitants. The pieces represent the influence that cities have on the environment through ‘erosion flow map’ of each place.

‘Eroded Leaves’ project is a series of images generated by the flow map of the erosion device. It has a similar look to the ‘Flowing City Map’, but explores a different theme – detailed patterns found in nature, the veins of leaves.

Find out more about these and other projects by Chaotic Atmospheres here. You can also follow the artist on Behance and Twitter.

All the images used in this post are the property of Chaotic Atmospheres.

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