Harmonious Jewellery and Ceramic Pieces by The Heiress Atelier

The Heiress

This time I would like to start the day with the fresh minimalist jewellery and ceramics inspiration. These products are created by The Heiress Atelier based in Paris. A beautiful harmony is developed through the use of metal, ceramics and fibre, all of which are thoughtfully merged together to create something subtle and unique. I love how the textures of marbled ceramics, threads and metal all go so well together!

And there is one more thing I really like about The Heiress Atelier: their product photography. It makes the items feel so delicate and lightweight. My favourite photographs are the ones taken for the Metal collection of rings and bracelets, where the products are floating in the air next to the graceful hand movements. Just perfect!

Please visit The Heiress Atelier website to see the full list of their collections. If you found something you like head to their online shop on Etsy. And also don’t forget to follow them on Pinterest.

All the images used in this post belong to The Heiress Atelier.

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