Happy Knitwear by The Knit Kid

The Knit Kid

I know the cold time of the year is creeping in and everyone is looking for some warmth to keep them happy through the winter days. Very often this season becomes dark and dull not just due to the lack of sun, but also because of all the people dressed in grey and black colours. And I believe that secretly we all want to surround ourselves with a little bit more light and brightness when it’s dark outside. So I thought it would be a good idea to spread some great mood for you all with these beautiful items from Berlin made by The Knit Kid.

The Knit Kid was created by a German fashion Designer Sabrina Weigt, who specializes on creating high quality knitwear and knitted accessories. The style of her designs is bright and unique. The Knit Kid items are full of bold vivid details. I associate this brand with happiness and I believe that having one of their beautiful products would brighten up cold winter days.

Interested to see more? For the full list of The Knit Kid products please visit their website or Etsy shop. You can also find more updates on Facebook and Instagram.

All the images used in this post belong to The Knit Kid.

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