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Estudio 164, Tijuana, Mexico

Estudio 164

Lately I have been busy with so many things that I didn’t have a minute to write a new post… I got carried away with my detailed drawings, playing with colours and ideas, designing and making. And I just felt like I needed to write something, let one new idea out into the World. Finally, here it is.

For quite a while now I wanted to write about one interesting creative space here in Tijuana, Mexico. It is an art collective, called Estudio 164, a shared studio space where creators work together, make workshops, and also sell their artworks and products in the shop situated in the same building. In here one can find a variety of handmade items: paintings, furniture, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, home décor products and even cosmetics.

Estudio 164 is located in a cosy residential area in Hipódromo, Tijuana. It is easy to spot, thanks to a beautiful mural featuring Frida Kahlo recently placed at the entrance. It is definitely a place to visit in Tijuana, whether you are interested to learn a new skill, find a unique handmade gift or just curious to explore something new. You can find all the information about Estudio 164 and its artists here.

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