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Cheerful Creations by L’atelier des Garçons

Today I came across some cheerful inspiration – ceramics by L’atelier des Garçons. This is a French company formed by two ceramic designers Jean-Marc Fondimare and Éric Hibelot. Their studio is based in a beautiful French countryside not far from Paris.

I like the simple name of L’atelier des Garçons as translated from French it would be ‘The Boys’ Workshop’. Their ceramics are so fun, playful and simple at the same time. I love the quirky imperfect shapes, bold colour combinations, polka dots, stripes and other patterns of each piece.

Have a look at L’atelier des Garçons website and Facebook page for more happy ceramics from these creators.

All the images are taken from L’atelier des Garçons website.

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