Small Talks

Energising Creations by Liz Payne

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Liz Payne

I believe that most of us from time to time feel the need to surround ourselves with bright objects. Especially after long winters, during rainy days or just on one of those occasions when we feel the lack of energy. Colours hold a lot of power. And this power can lift up our mood or bring back some […]

Ceramic Designers

Material Fusion by Thrive and Prosper

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Thrive and Prosper

Today I am excited to introduce you to an artist who makes some truly unique home decorations. Her name is Cicely Siller and she is based in North Carolina. Cicely works under the brand name Thrive and Prosper, exploring unusual material combinations, blending them into something special! Cicely mixes bold concrete shapes with organic Shibori patterns, flexibility of […]


Modern Textiles with Native American Feel by Alpaca India

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Alpaca India

I am constantly looking for new inspirations and artists, but very often I overlook the creative people around me. It is time to explore the surrounding artistic scene. So today I would like to introduce you to a textile design brand based in Tijuana, Mexico – Alpaca India. Alpaca India is formed by two artists Olivia Arreguin & Leigh […]


Mist Jewellery – Driven by Nature

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Mist Jewellery

This weekend I got a really inspiring reply from an artist couple from Croatia, who agreed to answer our featured artist interview questions. Valentina Stepan and Zoran Kranjčec are the creators behind the Mist Jewellery brand. I love the idea of nature being the driving force for the artists in the process of crafting their unique wooden […]

Graphic Designers

Metallic Geometry by Tom Pigeon

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Tom Pigeon

Today’s inspiration comes all the way from a tiny fishingvillage in Scotland, Cellardyke. Here artists Pete and Kirsty Thomas design andmake beautiful jewellery, stationery products and prints, also do design consultancy work and commissions. They work under the name TomPigeon. Artworks made by Tom Pigeon are perfected by eliminating unnecessary details, leaving them with simple […]

Small Talks

Soothing Abstract Landscapes by Greg Hargreaves

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Greg Hargreaves

It has been a while since our last small talk with an artist. So today I would like to bring it back along with some beautiful abstract landscapes from the US based artist and illustrator Greg Hargreaves. What first got me engaged with the artist’s creations was the composition of his paintings, accompanied by subtle […]

Home Decor

3D Textiles by Mikabarr

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It is always exciting to find an artist who has a unique style, uses usual materials or techniques. Tel Aviv based artist MikaBarr definitely has something special in her textiles pieces. Her studio Mikabarr creates 3D textiles for interior and fashion. I just love all those folded pillow cases and blankets! Have a look at […]

Home Decor

Unrestrained Colours and Structured Patterns by M.K.E.

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Today I would like to introduce you to an emerging textile designer from Greece. Her name is Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou and she started her business with a brand name M.K.E just over a year ago after finishing her studies in textiles. M.K.E. designs are a beautiful combination of architectural shapes and abstract watercolour marks that […]


Poetic Playfulness by LileSadi

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Handmade by Lilesadi. Stylist Kate Wood

Today I have some beautiful inspiration for you from Rotterdam, the company called LileSadi. LileSadi is a textiles studio formed by twin sisters Dinah and Sarah. Together they bring beautiful products for your home interior with abstract and geometric shapes combined with pastel tones. They also make playful textiles collections for kids. Furthermore, they do […]

Small Talks

The World of Emotions with Belinda Marshall

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Belinda Marshall

This time I invite you to an emotional journey. A journey that explores feelings, beauty and unconscious mind. All of that is expressed by an artist Belinda Marshall in her abstract art pieces and designs. Belinda Marshall is a Melbourne based artist and surface designer, communicating her observations of the world through layers of colours, […]