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Metallic Geometry by Tom Pigeon

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Tom Pigeon

Today‚Äôs inspiration comes all the way from a tiny fishingvillage in Scotland, Cellardyke. Here artists Pete and Kirsty Thomas design andmake beautiful jewellery, stationery products and prints, also do design consultancy work and commissions. They work under the name TomPigeon. Artworks made by Tom Pigeon are perfected by eliminating unnecessary details, leaving them with simple […]

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Let’s Have Some Fun with

Posted on - Dali and Frida

Today I would like to share with you something playful and fun, inspired by Nordic design and Japanese illustration. A balance of beautiful pastels with a great distinct style, mood and personality. And I am talking about creations. is a showcase of an artist and crafter Becky Kemp living in South East England. […]