Imaginative Stitches by Happy Red Fish

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Happy Red Fish

Embroidery is something that I always come back to. I spend time looking for stitched inspirations and I use quite a lot of it in my own creations. For a while now my interest in embroidery on paper is growing bigger and bigger. So I just have to share my findings. These collaged art pieces […]


Submerge in Water with Kristen Martincic

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Kristen Martincic

This time I am interested in communication between body and water. Therefore, I am inviting you to have a look at these art pieces by Kristen Martincic exploring this theme. Artist draws a thin line between exposure and intimacy, public and private, skin and clothing, inviting everyone to think about a sense of one’s self. […]


Brighten up Your Autumn Days with Tas-ka

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Since it is an autumn time in the Northern hemisphere I thought it would be a good idea to bring some brightness for those experiencing colder days with less sunlight. When dullness creeps in it’s nice to have some playful objects around. A great option would be having one of these beautiful items made by […]

Graphic Design

Let’s Have Some Fun with

Posted on - Dali and Frida

Today I would like to share with you something playful and fun, inspired by Nordic design and Japanese illustration. A balance of beautiful pastels with a great distinct style, mood and personality. And I am talking about creations. is a showcase of an artist and crafter Becky Kemp living in South East England. […]

Home Decor

Pixels and Threads by Rachel Parker

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Rachel Parker Textiles

If you love colours, patterns and, of course, embroidery then you should stop by and have a look at these exquisite creations by Rachel Parker. Rachel is a textile designer based in the United Kingdom, where she makes beautiful intricate art pieces, designs and products. In her works layers of colours, rhythm and repetition are […]