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Category: Inspiration

Mood: Dream in Blue

Morocco. Image by photographer and food stylist Gabriel Cabrera. Shibori Pillowcases by Upstate. Printed scarf from ‘Whatever the Weather’ collection by Anna Badur. Ellipse Platers by Suite One Studio. Hand Dyed Shibori Scarf by Ayelet Iontef.

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Mood: High Spirits

Embroidered piece ‘Reaching for Equilibrium’ by Izziyana Suhaimi.  Acrylic painting by Prudencio Irazabal. Photograph by Angex Lin. Photograph ‘Ode to Her II’ by Beeline Studio. Encaustic Painting ‘Tupelo’ by Betsy Eby.

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What Appears Through Disappearance by Seung-Hwan Oh

I just discovered something great and had to share it with you all. This time I am admiring some beautiful photographic creations, in particular, a series of photographs called ’Impermanence’ by Seung-Hwan Oh. The collection is inspired by the second law of thermodynamics and explores…

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