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Beautiful Wooden Creations by Objets Mécaniques

Objets Mecaniques

I love natural materials in various design and everyday objects. I always try to embrace the idea of surrounding ourselves with natural, recycled or re-purposed items. Wood is one of those materials that I just can’t get enough of, with its beautiful textures and endless possibilities. So I would like to share with you one of my inspirations for wooden products made with love and care for its beauty.

A design studio Objets Mécaniques, based in Montreal, are the creators of some truly beautiful minimalist wooden products. They usually use reclaimed and local materials for their handmade items that are born from the love of handy work, beautiful wood and machines. The company embraces the small imperfections that come with each piece of wood they use for the production, making every product special and unique.

Got interested? Feel free to visit Objets Mécaniques website to see full list of their products. Also, you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

All the images used in this post belong to Objets Mécaniques.

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