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A Beautiful Relationship Between Wood and Resin by BoldB

BoldB Jewellery

Beautiful, bold and extraordinary relationship between wood and resin, with a great use of colours. This is how I would describe these unique jewellery pieces hand crafted by BoldB in Australia.

Britta Böckmann is the designer behind BoldB, her newly established brand, where she explores her passion for wood. It seems to me that this artist chose a great way to go! Let’s read her story…

What do we need to know about you?

My name is Britta Böckmann and I am a Melbourne based designer with German and Irish origins. I was born in Germany and studied Industrial Design from 2009 till 2013 at the Folkwang University of Arts in Germany .There I discovered my passion for working with wood. After graduating I moved with my Australian partner to Wangaratta, Victoria. Not knowing what to do with myself I kept myself busy working three days a week at the ‘Wangaratta Woodworkers’ workshop. I fell in love with Australia’s unique timbers straightaway and started using them in combination with colourful resin to make jewellery pieces. The friendly members of the ‘Wangaratta Woodworkers’ taught me a lot about Australian timbers and still often supply me with unique off-cuts which I use for my creations.  In April 2014 my partner and I moved to Melbourne where I now have my own workshop and work full-time for my brand ‘BoldB’.

I mainly produce jewellery pieces, but also make sculptures from resin and wood. Now I am working on a homeware collection starting with hand-cast table lamps.

What are your daily inspirations? What motivates you?

It is less jewellery that inspires me, it is more interior and homewares. I daily read magazines like Dwell, Dezeen, Wallpaper or Architectural Digest.

Describe your creative process. What is your favourite part of it?

After making a cast from wood and resin I shape the pieces by hand and this is the most fun part for me. I think it is a very creative process. I also enjoy finishing off the items. It is always a great feeling to see the final product polished and shiny.

How does your work space look like? What do you like about it? What would you change?

I have a desk and a workshop. The desk is a clean and light space, but my workshop is a horrible and dirty mess. I clean it up once or twice a week, but it will never be a clean space. It is a tiny workshop (I guess about a square meter), but it contains everything I need. When I don’t work on the machines, I work outside because my workshop is so small. It is lovely to work in the garden.

Describe your typical day.

I get up early and start the day with answering emails and uploading items. Later, I put my overall suit on and work for a couple of hours till I desperately need a shower. Later in the day I usually prepare items for shipping and walk over to the post office. In the evenings I am often finishing off the pieces.

Your tips for fresh artists, designers and makers.

Have your own ideas and don’t copy other people’s ideas. Take your time to develop something new and even if you feel like this is going nowhere keep going. The first weeks/ months without earning a cent can be frustrating, but every new idea takes time.

To see more works from BoldB please visit the website or Facebook page. If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful jewellery pieces please visit BoldB Etsy shop.

All the images used here are the property of BoldB.

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