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Ideas Block started as a blog for arts & creativity, and it grew to something bigger.  In February 2017, Roberto Becerra and Liucija Dervinyte, opened a creative space in Vilnius, Lithuania. A space, where culture happens and ideas are fostered through various art and design practices, talks and workshops. Ideas Block hosts interdisciplinary art exhibitions and handmade products by emerging designers, artists and makers.

It is a place where you can come to work, gather inspiration, meet like-minded people or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

Ideas Block is a place for the freedom of expression, emphasizing opennes and experimentation, as well as multicultural collaboration and communication.

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Interview for “Literatūra ir menas” (Literature and art) magazine (in Lithuanian).

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Ideas Block blog:

Bold Inspiration – the widest section of the blog, where you can find all sorts of design & art inspiration. Posts subjects range from interdisciplinary contemporary art to beautiful handmade products and design innovation.

Small Talks – this is where we publish interviews with creative people! Peak into the lives of artists, designers and makers. Learn what inspires them, how they organise their days or what advises they give to upcoming artists.

Explorer’s Guide – things to do & places to see! Find out about cultural activities in various places, galleries & museums, handmade shopping, interesting cafes & restaurants. This is the section for our city guides.

Mood – be inspired by colours, textures, patterns and more!

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Be featured on ideasblock:

We are always on the look for new designers, artists, makers. If you are one of those creative individuals and you think your work fits the style of our blog, we would like to hear about you! Do not hesitate and contact us! If we think that your work fits in we will get back to you with our interview questions.


Ideasblock team:

Liucija Dervinyte

Liucija Dervinyte – a textile designer and maker of handmade stationery, fashion & home decor items for her brand Liucija Textiles. She also creates customised products and art pieces, ofers interior decoration services.

Check out Liucija’s travel adventures on Road Patterns blog.

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Roberto Becerra

Roberto Becerra – an artist and engineer/technologist, who works in the fields of sound, interdisciplinary art, signal processing, and programing in diverse creative projects. Roberto also offers services in these topics.

Find his work here and here.

Read Roberto’s articles on the blog.


Contributors to the blog:

Dovilė Bertulytė – jewellery designer. Find her work here. Read Dovilė’s articles.

Rūta Birgėlaitė – freelance designer and design manager. See her research boards on Pinterest. Read Rūta’s articles.

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